Project Description

NISHIE Tatsuo & Giuseppe Andaloro Duo Recital III
・Mobile Phone: Ring tone
・Nikolai Kapustin : Violin Sonata Op.70 (1992)
・Fritz Kreisler : Schön Rosmarin Op.55-4
・Fritz Kreisler : Polichinelle
・Fritz Kreisler : Liebesleid
・P.I.Tchaikovsky : Souvenir d’un lieu cher,Op.42
・Maurice Ravel : Violin Sonata (1927)

I don’t actually know how often my violin sonata is being performed. I myself recorded it with Alexander Chernov
, but the Nishie and Andaloro duo has been the only performance I have heard so far.
However, what I can say is that their performance is quite distinguished.
My “Violin Sonata Op. 70” is not a small piece nor is it an easy piece.
Masahiro Kawakami, who also played the sonata, said that the difficult thing about it is to create an ideal
The Nishie and Andaloro duo performance both surprised and pleased me.
Their performance of my violin sonata is overall brilliant and energetic.

Nikolai Kapustin

May, 2009

(translation: Maiko & Philip Haltman*)